About Us

ITU FM Radio is intended to share and disseminate information focusing on university related programs, initiatives and IT related news in general. The FM Radio will also focus on health, education and entertainment. We aim to cater to the information needs of the target audience both inside and outside the campus. Our challenge lies in catering to the diverse nature of the user group. Our focus will be on discussing relevant social issues, sharing the latest information with the community and providing a platform to the community to express their opinions and problems and explore their own creative potentials.These programs will encompass different program format like talks, interviews, discussions and entertainment. Currently, we have planned 8 hours of programs.

Our target audience is specifically youth of Lahore between the ages of 15 to 45 years, who is educated and well aware about many things because of their exposure to latest technology like social media and electronic media. To attain our objectives, we have planned a programming strategy, which aims at:

  1.  Promoting ITU as a prestigious organization and as a learning institute for the future makers of Pakistan.
  2. Covering all aspects of what our target audience desire to listen, while sprinkling the flavor of IT & tech, and keeping a balance between education and entertainment.
  3. Making our radio a hub of information about Lahore including its history, culture, city happenings and ongoing activities in the metropolitan life.
  4. Creating citizen awareness about social behavior and moral values.
  5. Introducing new flavors acceptable and appreciable by the listeners including trending things on social media and debates on contemporary issues.
  6. Promoting our radio and its programming in innovative ways that is attractive for youth and not aired by any other educational radio station so far.
  7. Making our radio a platform for the students and staff of ITU to groom their intellectual and spoken skills by becoming a part of their campus radio.